Yamaha Bobby Shew Trumpet Review

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The Yamaha bobby shew trumpet is a useful trumpet that is born with the partnership of both Yamaha trumpet brand and Bobby shew. The Yamaha brand was interested in making best trumpets in the market and bobby shew designed such trumpet based on this own needs.


Bobby shew is a versatile player and he designed this trumpet in order to meet the requirements of all the musicians. The performance offered by this device is high and is mostly used by professional musicians.

Yamaha Bobby Shew Trumpet

The Yamaha bobby shew trumpet was designed with the inbuilt features of both Bobby shew in Yamaha trumpets. The common name given to the Yamaha bobby shew trumpet is Z and they are used as a professional trumpet by many musicians.


The Yamaha bobby shew device has various advancements and features, these features are useful and they can be used for improving the quality of music offered by the devices. Some important features of this device are given below.


The primary feature of this trumpet is its design. This design of this device is unique with silver coated body. This design allows more resonance within the instrument and so the sound can be reproduced with higher quality and efficiency.

Monel Pistons

The valves within the device are operated with the Monel pistons. This piston modulates the air passing through its base on the valve position and makes perfect sound quality based on the features within the device. Further, the piston is made up of high-quality materials with corrosion free technology.


The bore and bell system is used for reproducing the sound within the device with higher efficiency and performance. The boring system is made up of brass. This trumpet uses stepped bore system and the length of the bore is about 0.445-inches.

Lead Pipe

The lead pipe is used for guiding the sound within the device. In this Z trumpet, the lead pipe is made up of gold brass material that remains constant and offers high performance. It also has a useful one piece drawn mechanism with it.


The important part of the trumpet that is used for the amplification of the incoming sound waves is the bell. The bell used within the device is about 5-inch wide with one point hammered for performance. In addition to this, the device is made up of durable yellow brass material.


The mouthpiece is an accessory that is used for regulating the air flow within the device. The mouthpiece of this device is made up of brass coated with gold. Silver coated mouthpiece can also be used within the device, but the performance offered by the device will be less compared to the gold mouthpiece.


The case used for this device is made up of durable material that can be sued safely for a long time. This case has a separate place for mounting the device and various other accessories of the device. With this case, the trumpet is portable and it can be taken anywhere without any loss in their performance.

Bobby Shew

Bobby shew is an American jazz trumpet and flugelhorn player. He is a professional player and has shown down his talents in various places and regions of the world. other than trumpet player, Bobby shew was also known for his kindness and teaching.


This instrument is specially designed by a well-known musician Bobby shew. This device is designed with various necessary details of the trumpets and so the device offers a high performance to the users. The durability of the entire device is high and so it can be used for a long time.

Yamaha Bobby Shew Trumpet

Key features: Monel piston, 0.445 bores, and 5-inch bell.

Pros: long life, durable and offers high quality.

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These are the various important features and advantages of Yamaha and Bobby shew trumpet. So try this device and share your views in the box given below.