Trumpet Valves Keep Sticking – Solution For Fixing

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Most of the trumpet user experience different kind of strange things happens to their instruments within a short span from the buying period. I won’t bore you by throwing the repeated instructions at you instead I have provided some basic information about how trumpet valves are sticking and how you can fix that problem. The main aim of my article is to highlight the most common problems faced by the trumpet players and to solve them with the proper solution.


How The Trumpet Valves Get Sticky And The Main Solution To Fix Them?

The trumpet sticking valves is one of the most frustrating things happen to the trumpet players such that it does not allow the valves to come up faster to drop out the high quality sound. When the trumpet valves moves in the upward and downward direction, it may stop moving smoothly and becomes stuck at some levels due to the lack of oil content or other mechanical problems.

Most of the beginners as well as the professional trumpet players find difficult with the trumpet valves stuck in the midway or before compressing the blowing sound. It further results to cause the thwart type of playing and create some unwanted sound.

The leaky valves are also formed in the trumpets due to the extreme loose and unfit positioning of the valve casing. This leaky valve casing further allows the air to pass through the valve and casing to hinder the sounding response of the trumpet.

The best solution for this kind of issue is to make use of the good valve oil on a regular basis. If you make use of your trumpet for playing, then it is necessary to clean and make sure about the proper working operation of your trumpet without getting any kind of sticking problem.

Steps Involved In Oiling The Sticking Trumpet Valves

Are you the person used to play the trumpet for practicing many hours every day? Then surely you will suffer with the sticking problem of trumpet valves. Don’t worry! I’m here to help you with the best solution of using the good oil to clear the sticking problem created in your trumpet valves.

The trumpet valve oil is almost similar to the water which contains more amount of refined mineral spirit and helps for easy evaporation. Before playing your trumpet, it is must to use the oil on a regular basis.

To apply the oil, first put your trumpet on the flat clean surface and then unscrew the first valve to slide it out. But make sure not to completely unscrew all the slides because if you completely pull it out, it leads to severe damage and improper fixing. So pull out one valve at a time.

Drop out several drops of valve oil on the shaft surface to make sure not to get in to any holes implemented on the trumpet. Finally slide down the valve until you hear the perfect click and then tighten the valve cap. Make use of the high brand oil such as Yamaha, PRO, Clark, HMG etc, to maintain the well defined working functionality of the trumpet.

Some Tips To Avoid Sticking Trumpet Valves

If you don’t know how to properly fix the oil on to the trumpet valves, don’t feel. I have down listed some of the guided tips to help you during the oiling process. Oiling the trumpet valves is not a difficult task but great care should be needed to apply the oil perfectly for proper sounding.

If any one of the trumpet valve is sticking, then apply the oil for all the valves implemented in the trumpet to neglect the worst possible cases. Be sure to oil your valves before any important performances or events even if it is working properly.

Make sure about the cleaning process of the valves involved in the entire trumpet on a regular basis to avoid the sticking valves. Avoid putting extreme amount of oil into the trumpet which does not allow the trumpet to blow properly

I do hope that this information article about the sticking trumpet valve fixing helps you in the way to find the best solution and guided tip during the sticking valve oiling process that tends to offer great blowing performance. If I have missed any of the important tips that need to be included here, please pen down your opinion in the comment option.