Trumpet Cleaning

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After purchasing the trumpet, you should spend some time to clean your trumpet. Because cleaning the trumpet is considered as the most important part of routine maintenance. On maintaining the trumpet in a good way, it works properly. The cleaning of trumpet won’t take much time to clean it. The users can complete the job of cleaning the trumpet within a few hours. So the users no need to take too much effort to implement the process of cleaning.


The trumpet cleaning should be done regularly to keep it safe. But at the time of cleaning the trumpet, you should handle it very carefully. If the user is not having enough knowledge about how to implement the process of cleaning of trumpet, you just go through the below review of trumpet cleaning.

Items Needed To Clean The Trumpet-Trumpet Cleaning

It includes slide grease, mouthpiece brush, shake brush, valve oil and cleaning cloth.

How To Store The Trumpet?

You should select one suitable place to store the trumpet. As the size of the trumpet is small, it needs only small place. It won’t occupy more space in the room. Many of them are handy and  the users can  keep it inside the pocket without any difficulty. In case if the trumpet is not in the working condition, you should keep close in its case which helps to protect the device from the damage.

The important thing to note is that you should store the trumpet away from the direct sunlight and from the heat sources which may cause damage to the components of the trumpet. Not to store the trumpet near the flames or the materials that easily catches fire.

How To Maintain The Trumpet?

When you play the trumpet, it collects the moisture from the warm air which is coming out from the mouth of the user. After every play, you should clean this moisture which is present inside the trumpet. Otherwise, it may lead to cause various problems.

Once played, open the water keys and blow a steady stream of air through the instrument to blow the water out from the trumpet. While opening the third valve key, you should press down this third valve. The outside portion of the trumpet needs to b wiped off with the soft cloth to remove the fingerprints which help to prevent in tarnishing the device and therefore, it will work in a proper manner. These steps need to be followed daily to prevent the damages of the trumpet.

How To Clean The Trumpet?

First of all, while doing the trumpet cleaning, you should disassemble the parts of the trumpet by removing its valves and keep it one separate place. Next, you have to remove the slides including the main tuning slides. While removing the slides, you need to be very careful. If it gets a stick, you should never force them. Otherwise, you may use some other tools or pliers to remove it. Finally, remove the screws, bottom valve caps, clip-on pencil holders, etc.

After removing all the parts of the trumpet, you should start the process of cleaning. Immerse the trumpet inside the water and then pull the brass saver brush through the tubing. Next, you should carefully rinse them with the fresh water to remove the soap residues and then dry it. At last, wiped off with the soft towel.

Before reinserting the slides, you should apply some of the grease on it. After re-assembling the parts, you should clean the valves of the trumpet. You can use the dish soap and running water to clean it. You should notice that the top part of the valve won’t gets wet.

Make sure that all the soap residues are removed from the valves and should not dry the valves.  On drying, the small traces of lint may be formed on the surface of the trumpet which slows down the performance of the device. You need to apply some amount of oil on the valve and placed them in a proper place.

From the above points, we believed that they are very useful to you in collecting the information about the trumpet cleaning. You should follow the above procedures to keep your trumpet safe. Otherwise, the performance of the trumpet may get slow down which produces some damages to it. If you feel, that we had missed some of the points in cleaning the trumpet, you can write to us through social networking. We will consider those points in the next upcoming article.