Step by step instructions on cleaning a trumpet

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Trumpet need to be regularly cleaned for the powerful sound, as you will be blowing the air throughout your mouth to play them while blowing your food particles and saliva will get inside the trumpet, and therefore you need to clean them to get the desired music from the

Today in our article, let’s check how to clean and maintain your trumpet in a reliable way to get the best performance, you need to clean at least once in three months.

Steps for cleaning a trumpet

Cleaning a trumpet is easy but it takes more time for the process, this requires simple washing techniques. Let’s check out them below.

Before going to the instructions, you need to know what are the supplies needed for the cleaning process, here are some of the tools and things needed.

Pipe cleaner, mouthpiece brush, small cleaning snake, valve casing brush, valve oil, dish soap, slide grease, Sink, container or tub and polishing cloth. The essential thing as a group can be purchased online or from the suppliers easily.

Separating the Trumpets Apart

The first step in cleaning the trumpet is to remove the parts of the trumpets apart, first, remove the valves and place it in a safe place where kids or pets cannot reach them but do not separate them, after that remove the first, second, third and main tuning slides.

Clean the slides and tubes

Take the container or sink and add warm water to it, add little dish soap with the water and then immerse the trumpet inside, let it soak for few minutes and then with the help of the cleaning snake, clean the slides well.

Now rinse and make it dry before packing them on a thick towel. Now let the trumpet complete to the water and let it soak for few minutes, now shake through the tubing without forcing into hard areas. Use the valve casing brush to clean out the valve casing multiple times, rinse the trumpet and then make it dry.

Cleaning the Valves

Make sure you are not immersing the valves inside the water as there are high chances for the felt pads to get wet and if so, it will lose its shock-absorbing ability. If you think the valves has become wet, then you need to change those completely. Now, with the help of cleaning snake, clean the valve port and rinse it with water and soap. It’s important that the trumpet should not make contact with the metal point as there is chance for the valve ports to get damaged.

Reassembling the Trumpet

Now you need to reassemble the trumpets after cleaning them before that make sure you oil the valves, first slide, second and third slides. Grease the primary tuning slide and the valve slide for the right fit. Now your trampoline is fixed and clear, ready to play it.


Make sure you use only warm water, as too much of heat can damage the trumpet, and also ensure you are not removing the triggers or water keys as a special tool. Do not use the polish for the silver or brass trumpet as there are chances for damages and the polish may remove the finish.