Kanstul Trumpet 1000 Review

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Kanstul brand designs and manufactures trumpets and other music instruments. This brand manufactures the devices with the high performance so that the trumpets from this brand can be used in various places with high efficiency and durability. The Kanstul 1000 trumpet is also an important product from Kanstul brand.


This product is most commonly used for its tremendous projection and lively texture of tone. This product is commonly spread through many regions and places of the world with high effectiveness and performance.

Kanstul 1000 Trumpet

This product is ranked as the best product from Kanstul and it can be used by professionals with higher efficiency. This device produces the music with high quality and clarity. Added to this, the device has a durable design and this design enables them to be operated in various durable situations and environments.


The Kanstul 1000 trumpet has advanced features and these features of the instrument are listed below.


The design of Kanstul 1000 trumpet is totally different than other commercial trumpets. This device has tremendous projections for producing sound with high quality. The outer body of the instrument is coated with silver that makes the device durable.


This device can be operated with three types of bore lengths, the variation the bore length depends on the need of the user. The here bore lengths are 0.460-inch is medium small bore length, 0.462-inch is medium-large and 0.464-inch is the large bore length. All these three bore lengths are effective and they can be used for varied operation and performance.


The bell used in the instrument is 4-3/4-inch with one-piece hand-hammered function. This bell is made up of yellow brass material that can amplify the sound with high quality and technology.

Bb Main Scale

The Bb main scale is a pitch scale with which the device can be operated with various pitch range and functions. This pitch scale is very effective and the pitch levels offered by this scale are Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G, and A. these pitches can be finely tuned so that the music can be reproduced with higher frequency.


The music in the trumpets can be obtained with the help of valves in the trumpets. There trumpet valves are used within the devices and these valves are attached to the Monel pistons. These valves also offer slide adjustment mechanism, where the first valve uses thumb saddle mechanism and the 3rd valve uses fixed ring mechanism.

Monel Pistons

The Monel pistons are used in this equipment for blocking the air and producing music. The Monel pistons are highly effective and they are built with corrosion resistant technology. In addition to this, the device can be tuned effectively with correct pitch, so that the music product is with high performance.


The mouthpiece used within the device is durable. The mouthpiece is made up of brass material that is coated with silver. Gold plated mouthpiece can also be used within the device for higher tone specification.


This device is also equipped with the transport case made up of ProTec material. Further, the case is designed in the form of gig bag for portability.

Other Features

In addition to these features, there are many other features equipped with this device. This instrument has hand lapped pistons with top-sprung technology. With this, the valves can be operated smoothly with high performance. In addition to this, the instrument and has distinct inverse 2nd slide with it.


This product has various advantages. This instrument is widely used by many professional musicians due to its quality. This device offers a rich tone of music with perfect tuning; hence it is popular in many regions of the world.  Further, the instrument is durable and it offers long lifetime to the users.

Kanstul Trumpet 1000

Key features: Monel pistons, distinct reverse 2nd slide, and yellow brass bell.

Pros: offers high quality, durable and high performance.

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These are the various important features and advantages of Kanstul 1000 trumpet. So try this device and share your views in the box given below.