Getzen Eterna Classic Trumpet Review

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One among the traditional orchestra device is the trumpets. This device offers pleasant music and it is still used by many people all over the world. There are many brands that manufacture trumpets of various types. One among them is the Getzen Eterna classic trumpet.


This is a high-performance device that is commonly used by many professional musicians. This device was designed in 1960 but got its importance in late 90’s. This device offers rich quality music with fine tuning so that many professional musicians are fond of this instrument.

Getzen Eterna Classic Trumpet

Though this device is from the past, its value and reputation are still maintained constant with its durable performance. Based on the current needs, the features of the device have been adjusted in the market, so that the reputation of the device can be maintained. Some important features of this device are given below.

Bb Main Scale

The main scale is a part of trumpets that can be used for playing the music at a certain pitch. This trumpet uses Bb main scale. The important advantage of this main scale is that it can be operated at various pitches and levels. Various types of pitches that the scale offer are Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G, and A.


The boring system is also an important part of the device and the bore is used for reproducing the sound with high quality and functions. The length of the bore offered by the device is 0.460-inch. This is a large bore so that the sound can be produced with high range. The material used for designing the bore is the brass.

Lead Pipe

The lead pipe acts as a pathway for transmitting the sound with high resolution. The lead pipe used within the device is made up of nickel silver material. The design of the lead pipe is standard and so the device can be operated with high durability.


The bell is used for amplifying the sound within the trumpet. The bell within the device is made up of yellow brass material that can amplify the sound waves without any loss in their performance. The width of the brass material used within the device is 4.75-inch and it can be designed into two- pieces.

Mouth Pipe

The mouth pipe used within the device is made up of high-quality nickel silver material. this mouth pipe is effective and the performance offered by this mouth pipe is high and it guides the air effectively into the device.


This device has three high-quality valves and these valves are used for producing music from the sound waves. They are made up of nickel silver material for durable performance. The slide adjustment in the 1st and 3rd valve is very effective, where the first valve is made up of thumb saddle and the third valve is made up of the adjustable trigger.


This device is also equipped with the mouthpiece that can ensure and offer durable performance to the users. The mouthpiece is made up of brass material plated with gold. Added to this, various other external mouthpieces can also be used within the device.


This device is further equipped with various accessories such as case, gloves etc. the case is made up of wood and all other accessories are made with high quality and performance.


This product has a wide variety of advantages. It can be operated easily by the professional musicians. Further, the device is durable and it can be used for a long time without any loss in their performance.

Getzen Eterna Classic Trumpet

Key features: nickel silver mouth pipe, durable case and Bb main scale.

Pros: Various pitch operation, durable and long lifetime.

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These are the various important features and advantages of Getzen Eterna classic trumpet. So try this instrument and share your views in the box given below.