Etude ETR 100 Trumpet Review

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Are you the person to drop out your improper functioning trumpet instrument even within one year duration? Don’t be worried! I’m here to pick you out from this problem with the help of Etude ETR 100 trumpet.


The Etude ETR 100 is one of the well qualified sturdy types of trumpet which offers the user with the numerous numbers of beneficial factors to make the musical starters easy to learn their trumpet blowing.

Features Of Etude ETR 100 Trumpet Series

The Etude ETR 100 is the best student trumpet that is highly designed with the red brass type of lead sliding tubes used for easy production and projection of sound toning. With the equipment of first valve thumb hook saddle and third valve finger ring of adjustable type, the Etude ETR 100 trumpet is specially equipped with the high versatility to produce rich sounding.

This student trumpet consists of the large bore to make the musical starters easy to learn and play any kind of notes over the instrument. It includes red brass type of lead sliding pipe to attain the rich sound production

With this less affordable Etude trumpet kit, it offers the young trumpet players with the unbeatable performance in comparison with the professional trumpet players. It sounds with the great quality performance even in the lowest expense range.

This pretty good sturdy construction of trumpet casing helps the user for comfortable carrying without causing any damages due to the corrosion and worst weather conditions during travelling. Due to its high defined quality, it does not get damage even if you drop this trumpet down to the surface.

Specification Included In Etude ETR 100 Trumpet

This best student Bp Etude trumpet is consisted of various kind of specifications that tends to prove its well defined working quality. It includes 0.46 inches of bore and yellow colored brass bell sizing of 5 inches to improve its outstanding value.

It makes use of the standard tapered lead piping and red brass lead sliding pipe which is mainly built up with the ABS molded type of plastic casing. The first valve sliding tube of the trumpet is used to adjust the thumb hook saddle to prevent the sticking valves. The third trumpet sliding valve is used to make some adjustment over the sliding ring for better sound tuning.

It is highly featured with the perfect lacquer finishing design to include the one key valve guide for better protective measure. While playing the Etude ETR 100 trumpet, it offers the benefit of high convenient and comfortable holding thereby allow the performer to perform with accurate attention on intonation.

Etude ETR 100 Trumpet

Key Features – thumb hook saddle, ABS molded Plastic, lacquer finish.

Pros – high intonation, complete protection, comfortable holding.

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The unique designed features and specifications of this Etude ETR 100 trumpet tends to move large number of trumpet players around the globe for purchasing. This Etude ETR 100 trumpet is the perfect final choice for you to purchase which comes out with the complete protective sturdy trumpet case, mouth pieces and valve oil. From above described article, I highly suggest you not to waste your time and money in purchasing other kind of trumpet series than this attractive Etude ETR 100 Trumpet.


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