Conn Connstellation Trumpet Review

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Conn constellation trumpet is an instrument which is used to play the music. It gives a very clear tone of music. As it consists of many of the advanced features and the latest technologies which helps in making the trumpet to perform well.


It is used to give a very clear tone which its specific features. So most of the people are showing much interests in buying this trumpet and so it is a demandable product in the market. On viewing the below points, you can get some of the information regarding this trumpet.

Description Of The Product-Conn Constellation Trumpet

It is a device which is used to produce a warm and clear sound to the listeners. As it is a professional grade level instrument which is used to satisfy the needs of the intermediate level players.

The resistance of the trumpet becomes high when the player plays in high sound. While playing in a soft way, the resistance becomes low.  It gives smooth valve action.

Special Features

Conn constellation trumpet is equipped with the seamless yellow brass bell which plays a significant role in producing the control and projection. The most relevant feature is that it has silver plate finish which gives a very bright sound. The smooth and quick action is provided by the monel pistons.

The patented modular valve weight system which ensures the slot improvement and customizing the horn.  The free-blowing feel and great flexibility are produced by the reverse lead pipe.  The main tuning slide is used to improve the resistance. The adjustments of the intonation can be done by 1st valve thumb saddle. Heavy top and the bottom valves are  used to enhance the core sound.


The weight of the product is 12.7 pounds.


The cost of this trumpet ranges from $1450 to $1500. If you want to know the exact price, you can check on Amazon.


Especially the modular valve weight system is used to produce a great sound by reducing the vibrations and helps to darken the certain notes on it. It is provided with the special features which help to provide clear overtones and it used in the jazz clubs, school bands, small venues, sound tracks and symphonies.

All the parts of the trumpet are made of the durable materials and so it stays for long periods. So it won’t get damaged within short periods. As a result, it plays major role in saving the money of the users.

The cleaning process of the trumpet takes only little time. So within limited periods, you can clean the trumpet. The user no needs to take much effort to do the job of cleaning.

Conn Connstellation Trumpet

Key Features: monel pistons, modular valve weight system, reverse lead pipe.

Pros: gives clear sound, saves money, simple to operate.

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Thus, we hoped that you can collect some of the important information about the Conn constellation trumpet. Now, the reader can get some of the major points about the product. Thus, you can identify the plus and minus of the trumpet which helps to guess whether the trumpet suits  for you or not? If you feel that we had missed some of the points in the product, you can write to us through social networking sites. We will add those points in the next upcoming review.