How To Change Trumpet Valve Pads?

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Valves are the important constituents of the trumpets. These valves are used for reproducing the sound at various frequencies with these frequencies music is obtained. Valve pads are small pads that are used for producing the sound at perfect frequencies.  These valve pads should be checked for durability and the user should change the trumpet valve pads at periodic intervals.


The trumpet valve pads are used for producing high quality music with higher efficiency. These valve pads are designed with high quality materials and lined within the valve. The following article gives information about valve pads.

Valve Pads

As mentioned above, the valve pads are small pads lining the region beneath the valves. These pads are used for reproducing the sound with higher frequency. If there is any damage in the valve pads, the music from the trumpet will be of less quality with cracking sound.

Types Of Valve Pads

There are two types of valve pads available in the market. One should choose the correct model of valve cap for durable performance and efficiency. The two types of valve pads are Felt valve pads and synthetic valve pads.

The felt valve pads are traditional valve pads that are built with compressing feature over time, whereas the synthetic valve pads are non-compressing valve pads that can be used for a long time with durable use. Mostly many trumpet experts use synthetic valve pads than felt valve pads.

Changing the valve pads will maintain the performance of the device. So the valve pads should be checked periodically and should be changed according to their quality. Changing the valve pads is a simple process and it can be done easily by following certain steps.These steps are very easy to follow and even the beginner can replace the valve pads with higher efficiency.

Steps Involved In Changing The Trumpet Valve Pads

Changing the trumpet valve pads is a simple process and it can be performed with the hand itself. Replacing the valve pads purely depends on the type of the trumpet. So select the type of valve pad before replacing. Steps involved in changing the valve pads are given below.

Step 1:  The first step is to remove the valve from the trumpet. This can be done by unscrewing the valve cap with hand or any suitable devices.

Step 2:  The valve cap encloses valve button and this button should also be unscrewed and removed. The valve button is a sensitive device and this should be removed with the help of hand. Pliers and other devices should not be used for removing because the performance of the button may get altered.

Step 3:  Step three is to slide the valve cap and remove it up. This step should be performed carefully.

Step 4:  Shis step is to slide off the valve pad found beneath the valve cap. Replace the place with a new valve cap; check whether the valve cap is inserted properly.

Step 5:  Now fix the valve button to the valve cap and screw it up with hand. Screw it slowly and places it correctly in the allocated region.

Step 6:  Assemble all the other unscrewed parts one by one and then fix the valve to the trumpet. Now check the valve for its performance. Avoid twisting the valve in the casing; this will affect the functions of the valve.

These are the various steps that should be followed while changing the valve pads within the device. So change the valve pads on the periodic basis and maintain the performance of the device for a long time.

Hope this article is useful to you, if you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.


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