Best Trumpet Mouthpieces for Beginners

 Especially for those who have no experience: the mouthpiece is as important as the instrument itself. There are as many variations as facial expressions the lip muscles can make. Most trumpets include a standard mouthpiece, but there is no standard for lips because it is a matter of comfort. Finding your best mouthpiece will facilitate the musicality with which you play the instrument. Looking for information on the best trumpet mouthpieces for beginners? Buy it at the best price. Here you will find everything you need for a trumpeter!

Comparison of The Best Mouthpieces for Trumpet

In this article, you will find the best affordable trumpet mouthpieces on the market. These are trumpet mouthpieces that have demonstrated a quality capable of justifying their price, regardless of the brand to which they belong. For that reason, any of them is an excellent purchase today. Let's go there!!

1. Arnolds & Sons 3C Mouthpiece

A mouthpiece that does not disappoint and in our opinion after 1 1⁄2 C, it is the most all-rounder on the market. Very easy for the emission of serious and medium records. Great sound power and volume in the high register. The shape of the ring is quite comfortable although some users would have appreciated a little more radius on the inner edge so in this way it was not so incisive. It has a lot of sound projection as it has measured a little higher than the rest of the standard mouthpieces, but in contrast, it is much more demanding in terms of air volume. In short, this is the ideal mouthpiece if what you want is to try this measure, in particular the 3C, for very little money and thus be able to find out if this is your ideal mouthpiece.

  • Ease of sound.
  • Sound power.
  • Demanding interms of air volume.

2. BQLZR Mouthpiece

 If what you want is not to have to spend too much money, then with this option, you have covered almost all the needs in terms of records. It should be noted its ease to be able to exchange one mouthpiece for another. With a simple thread and in less than five seconds you can have mounted a totally different one. As for its timbre, it is totally correct and gives us a lot of body and a warm and velvety sound. It includes 4 models that will provide an adequate ring and volume in all registers. The shape of the ring is very comfortable for the lips. Another attraction that this pack has is its construction in two colors of gold and silver, a very little seen and elegant appearance. It is also appreciated the case in which they are presented to have them on hand and to be able to exchange them quickly. In our opinion, it is a good purchase if you consider that you are buying 4 totally different mouthpieces. Concerning quality-price, it is one of the most attractive packs on the market.

  • Very good price.
  • Ease of exchanging nozzles.
  • It does not have.

3. Bach 351 1-1 / 2 C Mouthpiece

  A versatile mouthpiece with a very comfortable rim, and a medium cup, which will allow you to play comfortably in the middle register and be able to explore in the rest of the high and low registers. As a general rule, this is the most recommended mouthpiece for all those students who are starting in the study of the trumpet, especially in bands, music schools, and conservatories. A mouthpiece that adapts perfectly to most of the various mouth and lip shapes that exist, precisely because of this versatility it is one of the most purchased mouthpieces in the history of the trumpet. Fully suitable for beginning players who want to get a full-bodied sound and a tone rich in middle harmonics. We recommend it mainly for the performance of classical music and band music.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Versatile
  • It does not have.

4. GEWA 710002 Mouthpiece - 1-1 / 2 C

Although GEWA has created a great mouthpiece, with high quality in both chrome plating and shape and size, we have to say that it is not exactly the same as the Bach 1-1 / 2 for several reasons: There is a great difference in the timbre, highlighting that this mouthpiece stands up the high harmonics more. The most noticeable change is in the seat of the ring on the lips, it is a more incisive ring and is not as comfortable as the Bach. In contrast, it must be said that the throat and the cup are quite successful, therefore in the amount of air necessary and ease of registration, this mouthpiece is more than acceptable. Finally, we want to emphasize that the main attraction of this mouthpiece is the high quality with which it has been manufactured, being able to find it at a price suitable for all pockets.

  • Good value for money.
  • Some what uncomfortable on the lip.

5. Schilke 14A4a Mouthpiece

  It is a mouthpiece that, for the shape of some user’s mouth and in general for most students, has had a very satisfactory effect. It is a very versatile mouthpiece that greatly facilitates the high register since its throat is not very large and its cup is quite high. The middle register works without problems giving you body, sound, and projection. Perhaps where the lack of cup is most noticeable is in the low register. It must be taken into account that this mouthpiece has been thought and designed to facilitate the high register above all. As for the ring, it is one of the most comfortable that many users have tried. In general, this mouthpiece will provide you with a bright tone, a medium sound projection, and a good superposition of medium and high harmonics. This is a great mouthpiece if you want to play light music in salsa ensembles, Latin music in general, or even for brass bands. Its price is not excessively high, which makes it very accessible to all audiences.

  • Verycomfortable.
  • It facilitates the high register.
  • Volume is missing in the grave register.