Allora AATR 101 Trumpet Review

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Choosing the right trumpet for your musical projects is one of the difficult task to be carefully handle. I have mentioned some of the well defined quality, features and specifications of the Allora AATR 101 trumpet to help you to conclude with this trumpet series because of its well proven working operation.


The Allora is one of the well known trumpet manufacturing company due to its efficient free blowing capabilities which is popularized among the world wide. The Allora AATR 101 Trumpet series is the perfect trumpet for those who want the warm toning effect and excellent blowing quality.

Special Features Inbuilt In Allora AATR 101 Trumpet Series

This Allora Trumpet series are not much cost effective at its price point when compared to other trumpet brand. It is usually made up of the hard material of red brass such that it provides the trumpet player with the high quality sounding.

It constitute of Monel pistons of high grading components to offer free blowing facility which is not present in other branded trumpets. This Allora trumpet series comes out with the medium sizing to offer the sturdy construction of thumb saddle and brass bell implementation.

This high durable trumpet case consists of the 7C mouth piece with the brass type of lead sliding pipes which is fully lined model case for protecting your money investment wastage involved in other brands.

Due to the moderate affording range, this Allora AATR 101 trumpet provides the full satisfaction to enjoy the pride to own this kind of trumpet series. The playing ability of this Allora trumpet series is denoted by the large bore implementation for easy blowing response.

The Allora AATR 101 includes trumpet bells which are used for well improvised tone production for providing the warm sounding output. With the use of this Allora AATR 101 trumpet series, any beginners can easily learn and blow the trumpet efficiently.

Specifications Of Allora AATR 101 Trumpet Series

The Allora AATR 101 trumpet series consists of different specification units to well define the qualities to the users involved in this trumpet. From all the specifications, I have down listed some of the most important and unique specifications of the Allora AATR 101 trumpet series for your quick reference before purchasing.

It is highly featured with the red brass type of bell, large bore and lead sliding pipes to ensure the easy and free blowing quality of the trumpet. The Monel pistons valve of high durability is used to resist against corrosion caused due to water, abrasion and worst weather formation.

The red brass type of bell usually ranges up to the value of 5 inches to produce the stunning sound production. The dual water valves helps to make the cleaning process much easier and the hard casing is included with this trumpet to protect the instrument from damage and improper positioning.

The large sizing of 0.45 inches of boring is used with the first thumb saddle valve and third slide finger ring valve of adjustable type to tune the sound performance created in the trumpet. It includes plastic molded casing and silver nickel outer slides for perfect sound finish.

Allora AATR 101 Trumpet

Key Features – dual water valve, Monel Piston, 7C mouthpiece.

Pros – large boring, high sounding, qualified design, highly portable.

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From the above mentioned information about Allora AATR 101 trumpet series, it is easy for you to buy this product because of its well proven quality of trumpet casing to affix your trumpet in a perfect manner. I do hope that you will surely benefited with the highlighted features and specifications in this article and if you feel that anything else is missing out from this article, please do share your ideas in the comment box.



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